Portfolio of recent work

Soundpath : Medicare Part Two

Part two of the educational series informing Medicare patients of the differences between Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare

Running Time: 4’12

Deliverable: 1280x720 MP4

CalFirst : Medicare Soup

Entertaining character animation created to highlight the benefits of using CalFirst as a Medicare provider

Running Time : 0’30"

Deliverable : 1280x720 ProRes QuickTime

Dell : Asia Pacific FRS Montage

Photo montage to look back at annual regional Field Readiness Seminars for Asia Pacific employees

Running Time: 2'00

Deliverable: 1280x720 MP4

Soundpath : The ABCD's of Medicare

Educational video to inform eligible patients of some of the finer points of Medicare enrolment

Running Time: 3'30

Deliverable: 1280x720 ProRes QuickTime

International Motorcycle Shows : Dream Pavilion

Promotional montage video covering the Dream Pavilion on the International Motorcycle Shows tour

Running Time: 8’08

Deliverable: 640x360 MP4

International Motorcycle Shows : Smage Brothers

Interview with Phil Smage and performance coverage to promote Smage Brothers Stunt Show on the International Motorcycle Shows tour

Running Time: 6’26

Deliverable: 640x360 MP4

Kingston : HyperX SSD Product Promo

High-energy promo video to play on trade show booth screens at CES highlighting key messaging about the 3K Series SSD drives

Running Time: 1'00

Deliverable: 1920x1080 MP4

Kingston : HyperX Red Memory Promo

High-energy promo video to play on trade show booth screens at CES highlighting key messaging about the Special Edition Red RAM modules

Running Time: 0’30

Deliverables: 1920x1080 MP4

Kingston : HyperX Products CES Promo

High-energy promo video to play on trade show booth screens at CES highlighting key messaging about the HyperX product range

Running Time: 1’00

Deliverable: 1920x1080 MP4

GenCare : National Sales Meeting Video

Motivational video for national sales meeting for a healthcare company's work force animated using collected survey data

Running Time: 4’00

Deliverable: 1280x720 ProRes QuickTime

Rovi : IBC Brand Awareness Video

Trade show booth animation to showcase their Powering Digital Entertainment platform and the Rovi brand.

Running Time: 1’25

Deliverable: 1280x720 MP4

PBSRG: Best Value Business Model Overview

Product overview presentation explaining some key highlights and features of business tools and process

Running Time : 2’22

Deliverable : 1280x720 MP4

Hayward : EcoStar Product Video

Various graphic animation elements for product brochure video; show open, animated graphs, show close

Running Time: 1’05

Deliverable: 1280x720 ProRes QuickTime

Vue : Costco Web Spot

Product overview video spot to play on Costco.com showing key features and benefits od a Personal Video Network

Running Time: 1’40

Deliverable: 960x576 ProRes QuickTime

XTM : RAIL Product Montage

Segment intro for a branded content episode showcasing the newly launched RAIL chassis fro radio controlled cars

Running Time: 0’30

Deliverable: 960x540 ProRes QuickTime

XTM : Logo Animation Show Open

Animated logo show open for a series of branded content episodes for a radio controlled car manufacturer

Running Time: 0’10

Deliverable: 960x540 ProRes QuickTime

Medtronic : Walk Tall Promotional Video

Web video to promote and generate buzz for upcoming womens spinal fracure awareness walks

Running Time: 2’17

Deliverable: 960x540 MP4

Hanger : Retinal Scan Graphic Element

Animated graphic to imagine how a retinal scan might collect and display details about a patient

Running Time: 0’06

Deliverable: 1280x720 ProRes QuickTime

Hanger : HUD Graphic Element

Animated graphic to show how a physicians office may use high-tech data displays in the future

Running Time: 0’20

Deliverable: 778x540 ProRes QuickTime

Veros : Trade Show Booth Video

Brand awareness trade show booth video to explain the business model and product highlights

Running Time: 1’05

Deliverable: 1280x720 MP4

Brand Affinity Technology : Application PreViz Demo

Pre-visualization of new application being developed for sports talent management

Running Time: 0’36

Deliverable: 955x550 QuickTime

Ultra Wheels : Sizzle Montage

Highly stylised music-driven video to generate excitement around custom and performance wheels

Running Time: 1’10

Deliverable: 640x360 MP4

MCA-I : 40th Anniversary Awards Ceremony

Background screen amimations for an Awards ceremony at groups annual regional conference

Running Time: 0’22

Deliverable: 720x480 NTSC DVD

Provision : Lobby Welcome Video Loop

Animated graphic to play in corpotate office lobby bringing together the 4 divisions of business using brief quotes

Running Time: 3’40

Deliverable: 1280x720 MP4

Transcepta : Online Product Demo

Product overview presentation explaining some key highlights and features of online invoice transaction software

Running Time: 1’15

Deliverable: 650x450 FLV, Interactive SWF

Bluetooth : Guide To Living Wirelessly

Consumer point-of-sale content to educate and inform about the many benefits of Bluetooth connectivity

Running time: 7'34

Deliverable: 1280x720 MP4, Interactive SWF

Broadcom : Project Moonshine Internal Video

Internal feel-good presentation for developers and sales team who had recently completed a challenging project with great results.

Running Time: 12'14

Deliverable: 720x480 DVD

Newport : Helios Product Video

Detailed product overview for a just-launched first-of-it’s-kind spectroscopy tool with technical explainations of various features

Running Time: 6’07

Deliverable: 1280x720 MP4

Newton Peripherals : Mogo Headset Promo

Product launch video to show consumers the features and benefits of the revelutionary Bluetooth PC accessory

Running Time: 2’25

Deliverable: 1024x768 MP4

Griffin Dunn Crutcher : Client Event Video

Looping video to play on several screens at event using logos and quotes to thank GDC clients

Running Time: 4’40

Deliverable: 720x480 NTSC DVD

Newport : Semicon Trade Show Booth Video

Brand awareness video to promote the Make, Measure, Manage Light platform and the various disciplines within

Running Time: 3’08

Deliverable: 720x480 NTSC DVD

Newport : Photonics West Trade Show Booth Graphic

Short barker graphic to add some motion and sizzle to a static trade show booth

Running Time: 0’08

Deliverable: 720x480 NTSC DVD

The Sound Gallery : CD Insert Artwork

4-sided Compact Disc insert artwork for a local ambient electronic artist's debut album release

Deliverable: Hi-Res Print-ready TIFF