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Lumiere : Ghirardelli Square

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

A sixty second fixed camera shot, in the style of Lumiere filmaking. This however was colour-corrected in post, nullifying it as a true Lumier in the strictest sense.

This shot was taken sitting outside the chocolate shop on Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco. We sat for quite a while watching the people come and go. Great people watching.

Shot on Flip Ultra
Edited in Final Cut Pro
Graded in AfterEffects
Encoded in Episode

Exquisite Corpse : A Chapter of Darkness

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

A Chapter Entry Into an Exquisite Corpse Interactive Video

Rupert Howe, videoblogger and filmmaker, is putting together an Exquisite Corpse series of videos to be linked and veiwed interactively on YouTube. Each artist creates a new video based upon two previous videos. This is my entry.

This is an interactive video art game. 60 artists & videobloggers from around the world have made 1 minute films. You choose which path you follow to the end. Each time is different, but every video you watch has been inspired by the previous one. The maze is complex, and it criss-crosses. It might take 5, 7, or 20 videos to reach the end.

To start at the beginning, watch:

Beef: A Short Experimental Film

Friday, December 5th, 2008

A man recalls his encounter, and subsequent business dealings with a man of few words but many decisive actions. Looking back he ponders the events that led to his inevitable and eventual demise.

Beef from Influxx Media on Vimeo.

A Short Experimental Film About a Fictitious Russian Mobster

Shot on Panasonic DVC80
Edited in Premier CS3
Designed and colored in AfterEffects
Music recorded, arranged and mixed in Soundtrack

Passing (The Emptyness)

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

A Short Experimental Video Poem

Passing from Influxx Media on Vimeo.
Click to Play
A new short experimental film based on a poem I wrote 10 years ago. Thus, I am calling this a video poem. As the protagonist sits at a crossroads in their life, they pause and reflect on the inner turmoil, angst and doubt caused by the pschological effects of violent abuse. Time has not healed the mental wounds and the protagonist is unable to move forward in their life. Life is passing by, as he/she waits for some catharsis.

BG plate shot on Flip Digital Recorder

Footage from

Score composed and recorded entirely in NI Absynth

Designed in AfterEffects

Film : Project Pedal

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

I’ve been following the progress of this indie film for some time now through the production blog. Originally code named Project:Pedal, the film recently earned it’s final, permanent name “For Thousands Of Miles”. This latest trailer for the full length feature evokes for me exactly what it did for co-creator Amanda Walker who posted this:

“This is Larry. This is somewhere between point A and point B. Where ever it is… I miss it. I miss kneeling on-top of the van, working the crane, watching Larry push through the wind. Knowing that every mile meant something to him… something people wouldn’t see passing by in their cars. Something subtle.”


Teaser 003 from mike ambs on Vimeo.