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Design updates to the website

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

This week I have been making some design updates, well really completions actually, as these were meant to be done months ago when the site was built. Funny how some things get put on the backburner and just end up living there.

Well I’m happy to finally have addressed these, at least in design form. I’m going to be tackling the coding this week to get everything in place. Before too long I may actually have a complete website. And then what will I do.

Twestival Promo Storyboard

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
In the eleventh hour I found out about the Twestival series of happenings taking place this week. In an attempt to play along with the iJustine collab video I decided to put together a quick motion graphic. This is the storyboard. I have a couple of days to complete this animation. I hope I get it done. If not it is a good exercise and maybe it can be used at a later date. I’d better get a move on….
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 1Twestival Storyboard - Frame 2
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 3Twestival Storyboard - Frame 4
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 5Twestival Storyboard - Frame 6
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 7Twestival Storyboard - Frame 8
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 9Twestival Storyboard - Frame 10
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 11Twestival Storyboard - Frame 12
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 13Twestival Storyboard - Frame 14
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 15

Design : MCA-I Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

I am designing a graphics title package for a local chapter of the Media Communication Association International. I was asked to do some pro bono work by a leader of my local chapter (the LA/OC branch). The logo was supplied as a vector file, but I was given free reign to come up with some interesting designs that broke away from the typical blue/purple swirling background loop and white Arial titles. Green was suggested as a more topical color, especially considering this years event would be held in California. I think it was felt California is a particularly ‘green’ state.

Taking the green and the nature of the organization into consideration, I picked three alternate background loops. The globe represented the international presence of MCA-I, the flowers were a kind of tongue in cheek nod to the flower power California 60’s. The 3D graphic, the colored strands, represented the fabric of not only the multi-faceted organization and it’s members, but also the many threads of media in the current digital landscape. Intertwined but woven as one.

These are the 3 sets of designs I submitted. The 3D strands, created in Cinema4D using the always lovely Danel shader, will grow out of the top corner. The background will be a continuous looping texture. The logo will reveal front and center, then fade back up to the top corner. The award recipients name will then appear. This will be run from a DVd player and projected onto a 20′ screen.

TRT to be 20 secs.

MCA-I 40th Anniversary Awards Package

Design One : Globe & Logo

MCA-I 40th Anniversary Awards Package

Design One : Globe & Title

MCA-I 40th Anniversary Awards Package

Design Two : Globe & Title

MCA-I 40th Anniversary Awards Package

Design Three : Globe & Title


The final movie can be found here:

Final Movie

New Website Design : Feedback Requested

Friday, September 26th, 2008

It’s been a long time since Influxx Media got a fresh lick of digital paint. This has been a long time coming. So finally, between bouts of real paying jobs, we are updating the website and the content.

I’m treating this like a real job, disregarding budget of course, because there is no budget. But I am treating myself like I am my client, asking myself all the usual questions designers delve into with their clients.

I created two alternative look and feels based upon the same content requirements, rather than just design something I might like. But the problem here is that I still cant give myself subjective feedback. So I am turning to my friends in the community to offer honest critique and feedback.

What do you like, dislike? What works? Is it easy to find your way around the page? Is it balanced correctly? Which aesthtics do you like?

I’d really like participation here, so any quick thoughts (I don’t need an essay) would be sincerely appreciated.

Many thanks for playing

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 1

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 1


This design speaks to the more artistic side of my nature, with elements of organic painterly feeling. I tried to acheive a rich, warm layered environment that was very textured and inviting. The nav is large and prominent, but the centerpiece is the large media bucket front and center that will pull a random FLV video from the project vault.

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 2

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 2


This design is in a more typical and modern style, with a tech, blog minimalist feeling. Keeping colors neutral overall lets the reds and yellow from my brand style jump out. The nav is large and simple, and the focal point is the large media bucket that will play a random project FLV video.

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