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Flashback to 2005 : Christmas Card

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

I was going through some hard drives looking for work archives and I came across this gem that got little play or traction back in 2005. Social networks were rare and the virality of online content was much less than we take for granted today.

I had a lot of fun creating these Flash Cards, and considering I have not had the time to create one this year (or last year for that matter) I thought I’d republish it in it’s lo-res, 2005-web-friendly original pixels. Just for fun.

Twestival Promo Storyboard

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
In the eleventh hour I found out about the Twestival series of happenings taking place this week. In an attempt to play along with the iJustine collab video I decided to put together a quick motion graphic. This is the storyboard. I have a couple of days to complete this animation. I hope I get it done. If not it is a good exercise and maybe it can be used at a later date. I’d better get a move on….
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 1Twestival Storyboard - Frame 2
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 3Twestival Storyboard - Frame 4
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 5Twestival Storyboard - Frame 6
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 7Twestival Storyboard - Frame 8
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 9Twestival Storyboard - Frame 10
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 11Twestival Storyboard - Frame 12
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 13Twestival Storyboard - Frame 14
Twestival Storyboard - Frame 15