Why Communicate With Video

The modern consumer is more visually savvy than ever before. We live in a media-rich society and moving images surround us at every turn, we even carry them in our pockets. Studies have shown that people respond better to pictures, and better yet to moving images, when it comes to learning or remembering information.

Video on the web has exploded with 85% of all U.S. internet users watching some video. The average online viewer watched 30 minutes of video per day, thats 155 million unique viewers consuming over 30 billion videos in January of 2011. YouTube is now the second largest search engine behind Google, and receives more than 2 billion viewers per day. Take into account Vimeo, Blip, Brightcove and dozens of other delivery networks, and it’s clear to see there has been an enormous adoption of video as the communication method of today’s netizens. The millions of eyeballs already looking at web video are like fruit ripe on the vine ready for engaging, interactive, dynamic branded content that can deliver your marketing message like no other.

Beyond the web, mobile video is the next boom, on the verge of a huge explosion in growth. Video on mobile devices accounted for almost 50% of all mobile data at the end of 2010, and that number is growing rapidly. A recent study found that 75% of iPad owners would actually welcome video content in magazine ads. There is a tangible demand for content now.

Looking at this data, it is clear that having an online video presence is critical to an effective marketing strategy and should be a high priority for any business that wants to grow its customer base.

Offline, video can achieve dramatic results for your tradeshow booth, office lobby or corporate training material. Your tradeshow booth will look dazzling and impressive with a professionally designed ‘barker’ graphic displaying your brand messaging brought to life. Visitors to your booth will increase and they will immediately have a better understanding about what it is you do. Tradeshow video, typically displayed on one or more plasma screens, can passively spread your marketing message to passers-by without tying up the time of your booth representatives, freeing them up to handle other inquiries.

Where Media Gets Social
It is no longer enough for a business to rest its online presence on a basic website or banner ads. A smart marketing strategy requires being connected through other channels like Facebook, podcasts, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs. Influxx can help you plan a strategy for using all available networks to create a rich media experience for the viewer, your customer!

It has never been more affordable or cost effective to use video for marketing. If you want to learn more about how video can drastically improve your online presence, Influxx can answer any questions. If you are already convinced and need a quote on an upcoming project, I can put together a free, no-obligation proposal for you. Call 714-928-9896 today, or drop me an email and I’ll get right back to you.

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