New Website Design : Feedback Requested

It’s been a long time since Influxx Media got a fresh lick of digital paint. This has been a long time coming. So finally, between bouts of real paying jobs, we are updating the website and the content.

I’m treating this like a real job, disregarding budget of course, because there is no budget. But I am treating myself like I am my client, asking myself all the usual questions designers delve into with their clients.

I created two alternative look and feels based upon the same content requirements, rather than just design something I might like. But the problem here is that I still cant give myself subjective feedback. So I am turning to my friends in the community to offer honest critique and feedback.

What do you like, dislike? What works? Is it easy to find your way around the page? Is it balanced correctly? Which aesthtics do you like?

I’d really like participation here, so any quick thoughts (I don’t need an essay) would be sincerely appreciated.

Many thanks for playing

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 1

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 1


This design speaks to the more artistic side of my nature, with elements of organic painterly feeling. I tried to acheive a rich, warm layered environment that was very textured and inviting. The nav is large and prominent, but the centerpiece is the large media bucket front and center that will pull a random FLV video from the project vault.

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 2

Influxx Website Redesign : Home Version 2


This design is in a more typical and modern style, with a tech, blog minimalist feeling. Keeping colors neutral overall lets the reds and yellow from my brand style jump out. The nav is large and simple, and the focal point is the large media bucket that will play a random project FLV video.

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7 Responses to “New Website Design : Feedback Requested”

  1. Krystian says:

    I really like the first one, it’s the more traditional design sense that i’m a fan of and the colours are more welcoming to the me as a visitor. That being said the norm these days is for the very white modern style site and maybe most clients prefer that minimalist style.

    When i get round to doing mine it’s gonna be very simple like:

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  3. Maribel says:

    I like the color scheme of the second one. The colors allow the work and your logo to pop a bit more. However, I like the layout of the first design. It was easier to navigate.

  4. lauren says:

    I think that a combination of the two designs would be the most effective. I really like the color scheme and warm, rich tones of the first design (the second is much more pedestrian), but I think the layout of the second design is better and makes important aspects of the site more easily found.

    That being said, I think the second design is slightly too busy on the home page and could use some tweaks. It’s hard to say without being able to interact with the actual site. I’d be more than happy to give feedback once you have a draft online.

    One thing that applies to either design is – I don’t think it’s a good idea to have the large random flv file auto-play, especially if the sound will also auto-play. I don’t know if you were going to do that or not.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Cheryl says:

    I am at least 10 days late in getting over here and providing some feedback. Boo – I’m awful. But I said I would, and here I am, finally. Sorry to take so long.

    So – I love the first one.

    Don’t care for the second – it looks very professional, but terribly bland. I don’t know where to look. My eye is drawn by the bright white column, leading me to ignore the video bucket as secondary. It feels cold, less inviting. I’d want to click away, as it looks a bit too much like so many other sites. Plus I think the left column vertical navigation is prime real estate getting wasted by big dull grey buttons. I’d rather see your branding there, big and bright, so I know where I am.

    First one, as Krystian said, feels warm and welcoming. I love the rich textures. The video wins on the page, but immediately after I check it out, the site navigation invites me to explore. I would definitely go with your artistic instincts, and use your richly textured, warm version.

  6. Adam Mercado says:

    Thanks for all the great comments here (and others I got via email). Some very good points. Seems the first one is a favourite among my peers and associates, while most clients liked the cleaner, minimalist look. Interesting. I am liking the first one still, but I am not sure about the narrow page width. Wonder if that will be an issue down the line. I’ll take a look at a hybrid to see if that is an option.

    @lauren great point about not letting the video auto-play. I’l be sure to remember that.

  7. Nice!, found your site on Yahoo!.Glad I finally tried it out. Not sure if its my Firefox browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really small? Anyway, love your page and will be back.Bye

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