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Last night, as I do every second Tuesday of the month, I braved the rush hour traffic on the 5 freeway, and dragged myself from Costa Mesa up to Hollywood. At the Barnsdall Art Gallery the After Effects user group known as Motion Graphics Los Angeles meets to discuss, share and show. The drive can take as long as 2.5 hours and at the end of the work day it’s a pretty draining task. With the sprinkling of rain we got yesterday as a motivating factor, I considered blowing this months meeting off.

Fortunately I dismissed that notion. The traffic eased up pretty quickly and I made it to Hollywood in about an hour, and actually caught the beginning of the meeting for a change. There was a great presentation on using Flash as an animation tool for broadcast TV, with examples and working files to show technique. Then there was a really nice presentation on using Expressions to add and control random behavior to create a swarming effect.

But the big attraction is always the world-class, high-quality big prize raffle. One ticket is given to each attendee (last night was a fairly low attendance, better odds eh!) for a chance of winning one of the 25 or so cool products donated by the MGLA sponsors. Prize value ranges from $50 up to $1500 usually. Last night, for the second time in 10 years, my number came up. 371 was called third. My choice of prizes; After Effects utility Nucleo Pro by Gridiron Software. Thanks you boys, and thank you MGLA for a great evening well spent.

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