Leonarto : A 3D Character Sketch

Leonarto: Natural Pose

I have been attempting character modeling for the first time thanks to the 3D class I have been taking. It’s a fun process to learn, and character design is obviously really challenging but quite rewarding at the same time. I love to sketch out my ideas on paper first, almost all my work starts that way. The real work begins trying to translate my loose pencil work into polygons and pixels. It’s a tremendous way to learn to model and get a deeper understanding of my 3D app of choice Cinema4D. It also gives me a massive appreciation for the folks at Dreamworks, Pixar, WETA etc. that make their characters so rich and detailed and believable.

Leonarto: Rigging Pose Left

Of course, this character is very rudimentary compared to the highly sophisticated CGI we see in movies like The Hulk. And the real challenge comes when I come to rig the model with bones and IK chains. I’m not necessarily looking to animate Leo at this stage (I need to learn to walk before I attempt running, to use a popular analogy), but rigging will give me a good understanding of proper modelling architecture. It will allow me to pose the final model in a more interesting composition too.

Leonarto: Rigging Pose Right

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