Heroes : Swimming With Dolphins

Tonight is Sunday. Which means tomorrow is Monday and that means Heroes is on. I’m not so sure that is as meaningful as it used to be, as the show doesn’t feel as polished and tight storywise, as it did the first couple of seasons. The writing feels like its full of desperation moves and plot filler. I’ll tell you why.

First, this guy Samuel is really beginning to piss me off. All that soft faux-Irish brogue and tilted head glances. He just seems to endlessly do the same schtick each week. Do something already. We know you have this mean awesome power and your planning something huge, but for heavens sakes lets move the story along and get to the point. All this enticement with golden promises then fake assurances “you can leave whenever you like” to every character that enters Carnyland. Enough already, its making me nauseous. And for once, just to shake it up, could ONE of his prey actually figure him out and not trust the swarthy crook.

Secondly, this character arc of Claire Bennett batting for the other team, if you know what I mean, feels all wrong. Not because I have an aversion to lesbians or I’m offended by homosexuality. It feels wrong because there has never been any indication that Claire might be gay. Ever. She had boyfriends. She like boys. Then along comes her emo goth roomate to hold her hand and all of a sudden Claire is jumping ship. I don’t watch their scenes and think “eeeooooww. Gross” I watch the scenes and thing “that’s not Claire, she wouldn’t do that”. By which point I’ve missed the plot. I’ve been pulled out of the story by terrible writing, which I’m guessing was a lazy means of exposing a softer side of Claire ready for Silar to exploit.

On the other hand, the story arc with Hiro has been great, well thought out and nicely executed. Enough geeky pop-cultural references to keep it amusing without over the top pandering. And Samuel did finally reveal his true mean self with terrifying results. I’m curious to see where he goes from here. I dont expect him to return to his smarmy ways not the gypo is out of the bag.

So I would stop short of accusing Heroes of jumping the shark, but it is definitely in the ocean precariously close to other aquatic life.

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