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I’ve been following the progress of this indie film for some time now through the production blog. Originally code named Project:Pedal, the film recently earned it’s final, permanent name “For Thousands Of Miles”. This latest trailer for the full length feature evokes for me exactly what it did for co-creator Amanda Walker who posted this:

“This is Larry. This is somewhere between point A and point B. Where ever it is… I miss it. I miss kneeling on-top of the van, working the crane, watching Larry push through the wind. Knowing that every mile meant something to him… something people wouldn’t see passing by in their cars. Something subtle.”


Teaser 003 from mike ambs on Vimeo.

The other co-creator of “For Thousands Of Miles” Mike Ambs has been a regular Twitterer, which is where I first learned of him and his project. Following the progress, the ups and downs, victories and triumphs of the ongoing project via the Pedal production blog I get the sense that what mike lacks in ego, he makes up for in passion and artistry. He paints the corners of the storytellers strike zone with a battery of pitches. A slow curve-ball to connect directly to the humanity deep within your heart. A fast-ball right down the middle to stimulate your visual senses with rich, beautiful photography. And then a change-up that offers you more personal insight about Mike and Amanda’s long history than indie film fans might be accustomed to.

Mike comes across as the kind of guy I’d love to just go and have a beer or several with. His posts on the production blog reek of honesty and integrity. And he has genius artistic and storytelling ability.

Go take a look at the feature film website and make a point of catching up with the production diary and the “64 Days” making of series of films. It’s great film-making by true independents following their passion.

Mike on twitter

Amanda on twitter

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