Company Profile

Influxx Media Production works with companies small and large, who want broadcast-quality video content to leverage the power of moving images in their marketing. From enterprise corporations to the home business, all can benefit from using video to reach today’s consumers.

Influxx has been embroiled in technology for the past 25 plus years. Since the computer revolutionized advertising and graphic design with the advent of DTP (Desktop Publishing) through the web boom, and bust, and the new boom of Web 2.0. The industry has seen some drastic changes. The emerging trend is how video and the social web are the cornerstones of Web 3.0 marketing. These technologies will become pivotal in the way businesses promote their brand.

Marketing your company is a complex process of abstract thinking and creative execution. Transforming potential customers into your customers takes hard work and experience. It takes understanding the medium, the market and the product. Influxx stresses close collaboration with clients to get to the root of the message, to translate your vision into attention-grabbing media, so your customers will notice and remember your brand.