Adam Mercado : Biography

Hi, I’m Adam Mercado, and Influxx is my business persona. I created Influxx in 2004 the year my first (and only) son was born. I left the world of full-time employment to afford myself a flexible schedule while I learned how to act more like a parent and less like a child. I saw an opportunity to follow my passion and offer my skills and experience to more organizations than a sole employer.

I have been an artist my entire life, as far as I can remember. My professional career has been almost exclusively as an advertising and marketing creative. Since graduating from the Watford School of Art (Watford = a small outpost in the outer suburbs of London) with a Graphic Design/Illustration degree in 1987, I have worked for many agencies servicing numerous markets. I’ve watched the industry change considerably. Back when design and layout were done ‘analog’ fashion, I was working for London advertising and design agencies, mainly specializing in visualizing and concept marker renderings. I worked on illustration and magazine layouts for clients ranging from TDK and Sony to the UK Government and Rover Cars.

When the industry went digital, I bought my first Macintosh (an LC550) and taught myself QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia FreeHand. Since then, there has been no looking back, devouring software manuals with vigor adding an extensive list of applications to my arsenal. With my traditional art background and digital skills complementing one another nicely, I feel like I’ve developed into a well-rounded Digital Artist. As technology advances, so does my desire to embrace it, and the power it lends the practicing creative professional.